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Writers & Illustrators Conference

(25 – 29 May 2016 | National Library Building, Singapore)

The Writers & Illustrators Conference gathers writers and illustrators to come together with publishing industry professionals to share, network, and celebrate children’s content from Asia and around the world.

A group of professionals in the field of education have been invited to join the Programme Committee. The Programme Committee will select the papers according to the content of the topic and the needs of the Festival.

If you are selected you will receive a complimentary Full Festival pass (which includes admission to Teachers Congress, Parents Forum, Writers & Illustrators Conference, Media Summit. The Full Festival pass excludes tickets for Masterclasses). Kindly note that honorarium and hotel accommodation is not included if you are selected as a speaker for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC).

TOPICS COVERED: Writers & Illustrators Conference
The Writers & Illustrators Conference at AFCC is attended by a diverse mix of writers, illustrators, publishers, librarians, literary agents, distributors and retailers, translators, teachers, and other professionals working with children’s content. The main topics covered in AFCC include, but are not limited to, the following:
 Fantasy (e.g. dragons and mythical lands)
 Science fiction
 Retelling of the classics: old stories made new
 Diversity in books
 Children’s books for adults
 Freedom of expression for an illustrator when working with boundaries set by the author and publisher
 Board and pop-up books
 Is the editor’s role being undermined by the increasing popularity of self-published books
 Using international websites to market books

If you have other exciting ideas, share them with us in the AFCC 2016 Information Sheet as well!

To be considered, applicants need to clearly establish the relevance of their papers to the overriding scope of the Festival by filling in the AFCC 2016 Information Sheet and sending it to Alycia Teo at by 1 October 2015. The Information Sheet can be found here:
The Information Sheet will be used for the selection process. The Information Sheet must be accompanied by a high-resolution picture of the paper presenter of at least 1MB.
Shortlisted applicants will be asked to submit a draft of the full presentation, including the talking points and PowerPoint of their presentations two (2) months prior to the opening ceremonies of the Festival. Submissions must be in MSWord, WordPerfect, RTF, TXT, PDF and Keynote. Presentations are limited to one hour (Masterclasses are allotted at least three (3) hours). Speakers agree to allow the organisers to use the paper in parts or in full for marketing and publicity purposes for the AFCC, either in printed or online form.

The closing date for submission of abstracts is 1 October 2015.

Please contact us again if you do not receive an acknowledgement with five (5) working days.
For paper submission enquiries, please email Alycia Teo, Festival Executive, at
For other festival enquiries, please email the Kenneth Quek, Festival Director at


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247 텍스트 스토리텔링 아시아-아시아와 한국을 잇는 다리, 상상(+)아시아의 신화를 찾아서 KBBY사무국장 10-05 1206
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244 텍스트 [국립어린이청소년도서관] 웹진 89호 KBBY사무국장 06-10 1428
243 텍스트 [북스타트] 전국통문 74호 KBBY사무국장 06-10 1362
242 텍스트 [국립어린이청소년도서관] 웹진 88호 KBBY사무국장 06-10 1361
241 텍스트 2015 이오덕, 권정생, 하이타니 겐지로 특별전 KBBY사무국장 04-20 1569
240 텍스트 [국립어린이청소년도서관] 웹진 86호 KBBY사무국장 03-11 1635
239 파일첨부 [한국출판문화산업진흥원] 한중 출판콘텐츠 발간 지원 사업 공고 KBBY사무국장 03-11 1764
238 텍스트 [북스타트] 전국통문 71호 KBBY사무국장 02-12 1590
237 텍스트 [국립어린이청소년도서관] 웹진 85호 KBBY사무국장 02-12 1596
236 파일첨부 [한국아동청소년문학학회] 2015년 겨울 학술대회 안내 KBBY사무국장 02-12 1759
235 파일첨부 [한국출판문화산업진흥원] 수출용 포트폴리오 제작 지원 사업 공고 KBBY사무국장 02-09 1592
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