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Dear Friends, Publishers and Business Colleagues
We've parcelled together our top news and what’s going on in Bologna as we busily prepare for our 2017 edition. We have sprinkled this newsletter with our traditional festive spirit as 2016 comes to a close. Have a wonderful end of year, and let 2017 bring you all so many good and happy things for your business, your friends and families too.

Global Kids Connect event - New York
As our 2nd Global Kids Connect event has just wrapped up and for those of you who couldn’t join us in New York, here’s an in-depth review from our co-organizers at Publishers Weekly of all that went on in a key event in the children’s publishing calendar for 2016.

Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2017
At this time of year, you may not know that one of our offices fills to the top with submissions to the Illustrators Exhibition. From all over of the world we have the pleasure and surprise of seeing such astounding work for the new year’s selection. So for 2017 we have received 3367 entries and next month we shall open the famous Opera Hall once more, with over 1100 square metre of space, 17,000 illustrations will await the judging panel of Harriet Birkinshaw, Steven Guarnaccia, Jean-François Martin, Arianna Squilloni and Daniela Stamatiadi. They will all spend a number of days walking around 470 tables of art to select the best artists for the new year. Here is more on their expert profiles.

BolognaRagazzi Award 2017
The coveted BolognaRagazzi award that picks out the best of the bunch in books published during the year in fiction, non-fiction, new horizons and debut artists is once again underway. There is also the special section for this year for Children’s Art Books, and the  Books & Seeds section, first created for Milan Expo 2015, has now been established as permanent category. Exhibitors are kindly requested to send in their submissions by the 29th of January 2017.
BolognaRagazzi Digital Award 2017
Now in its 5th year, this digital award will see a group of specialist judges under the chair of Warren Buckleitner from the Children’s Technology Review (USA) consider hundreds of the latest and greatest apps and screen media which increasingly compliments the world of picture books and non-fiction creations. If you’d like to enter for this international prize please see further details in this form.
BOP - Best Children’s Publishers of the Year 2017
Nominations from publishers are still open for the BOP prize which looks to credit all the world regions of publishers that deserve being picked out for their creative and publishing excellence. This highly popular prize is always well received within the community of publishers and gets a great reception of cheers and applause during the special event held in the  historical library of the Archiginnasio in Bologna. Please submit your nominations here.

Bologna Digital Media Hall - 2nd Edition
We are so pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the Bologna Digital Media Hall and invite you all to make some time in your busy schedules to come and visit this fascinating hub of the fair. In the world of mixed media which now includes a new world of mixed realities we will be showcasing innovations and discussing several new topics. Augmented and virtual reality for young readers, the way to pull together new rights contracts for print and digital mixes of content, and the convergence of technology and creativity for the artist and publisher.

Mont Blanc Recipe
500 grams of chestnuts
130 grams of icing sugar
60 grams of crumbled chocolate for the topping
2 full tablespoons of rum
300 grams of unsweetened whipped cream

Boil the chestnuts in their skins (don’t cut them). When cooked, peel them carefully. Pass the hot chestnuts in the potato masher (or blender) and put the paste in a bowl. Melt the chocolate in a crumbled in a double boiler over medium heat. Let it cool and add the chestnuts the rum and sugar. Mix well with a wooden spatula. Put on the plate round a sieve plate that is not too thin (the tool used for making Passatelli is fine if you happen to have one) spread the mixture to form a small mound. Cover the surface with spooned whipped cream and refrigerate for at least an hour. Possibly garnish with candied violets and marron glacé.

And one final last minute snippet, save money with great early bird tickets now on-line for the 2017 show. By prebooking and downloading your entry pass you save money and miss the queues. For pricing and more information click or tap here.

Bologna Children's Book Fair
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