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IBBY Congress 2016 Newsletter

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Ibby Congress 2016

Newsletter No. 3

Kia Ora / Hello 

We were very happy to host Liz Page from Ibby Executive for 5 days in May. We showed her the venue for the Congress, some sights of Auckland and introduced her to the Congress Organising Committee.
Visit the IBBY 2016 website


From left: Nicola Daly, Ann Cooper, Elizabeth Jones, Wayne Mills, Liz Page, Rosemary Tisdall, Libby Limbrick, Gerri Judkins. Absent: Mary Sangster, Frances Plumpton, Catriona Ferguson, Claudia Marquis

Liz says:  "It was a great experience to be able to visit New Zealand last month.  The city of Auckland has everything an IBBY Congress needs, and more!  The eager Congress organizers from IBBY New Zealand are working hard to make everyone feel welcome, while at the same time planning an interesting and enjoyable event for all from near and far. It will be a congress not to be missed, so mark your calendars!" 

The Call for Presentations is now open. We welcome abstracts of your proposals for a presentation. The theme is described on the website with some suggestions for topics for presentation. Please note these are indicative only to help give you ideas for your presentation. 

Please let all your friends and colleagues know about the Congress – forward this e-newsletter, and direct them to the website! We are looking forward to hearing from you and your colleagues.

Are you planning to have a holiday in New Zealand before or after the Congress? If so, do have a look at the website page on ‘New Zealand’ to give you some ideas of what you can do and how to plan your travels. 

If you have not received prior newsletters contact ibbycongress2016@tcc.co.nz 


Kind regards/Nga mihi

Libby Limbrick and Rosemary Tisdall







Ministryof Education


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