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BIB Workshop in Brussels

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To the National Sections and friends of IBBY

Dear friends,

I hereby warmly invite you to attend a workshop in Brussels on Monday, 8 December 2014.  This event has been organized by the Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the EU, BIBIANA – the House of Art for Children, the Slovak Section IBBY and with the co-operation of IBBY International. Please see the attached flyer for the event for more details.

The discussion will be centred on the current reading crisis, which can also be seen as a sign of difficulties in the lives of children.  One of the motivations in organizing this workshop was that IBBY members around the world contribute to easing these difficulties.

Speakers will include IBBY President Wally de Doncker and myself.

This event represents the start of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava – BIB.  At the close of the workshop, an exhibition of all the BIB Grand Prix winners since 1967 will be officially opened.  The exhibition will remain in the Central Library of the European Commission until 18 December and from there it will move to Le WOLF Centre of Literature for Children (, where it will remain on show until March 2015.

Please join us if you can or share this information with your friends and colleagues in Brussels. Everyone is warmly welcome. 

With many greetings from Slovakia,

motea Vrablova
President of IBBY Slovakia

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