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The 2nd Contest of an illustration of Bee

작성자 KBBY사무국장
작성일 2014-04-23 13:02 | 조회 2,012 | 댓글 0


The 2nd Contest of an illustration of Bee<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

organized by
Yamada Bee farm,

the Asahi Shimbun for students



 Bee is a social creature like human connected to various plants and other creatures of nature. By paying attention to the relation of human and bees and the environment, children may have a good chance to learn. The aim of this project is to have better understanding the importance of "natural environments", "assisting each other" and "life".


Theme of illustration:
 for example “Flowers and bees”, “Bees in nature” or “Human and bees”


Category (age):
 A: adults (16 up)

 B: children up to 5

 C: children aged 6-12

 D: children aged 13-15


Size of illustration: 
 approx. A3 (30x40cm)



 GrandPrix: one from each categories

 Second prize: one from each categories

 Third prize: three from adults, ten from children

 Forth prize: ten from adults, twenty from children

 Prize for participation (all participants get souvenir)



 Masami Sasaki, chair (professor of Tamagawa Univ.)

 Mitsuhiko Imamori, photographer

 Masako Yuki, art director

 Hideo Yamada, president of Yamada Bee Farm

 Hiroshi Oki, president of the Asahi Shimbun for students



Result announcement:

 The end of September


Award ceremony:

 Saturday 27 September 2014 in Tokyo


Contact to:

 Chie Hayase (Ms)



How to entry:

 Fill out the entry sheet and paste it on the reverse side of the illustration.

 Illustrations should reach JBBY office in Tokyo until 30 June 2014.

 Send to:

Naoko Torizuka


6 Fukuromachi, Shinjuku-ku

Tokyo 162-0828 Japan

Phone: ++81 3 5228 0051

Fax: ++81 3 5228 0053






·          Unpublished work drawn by oneself only.

·          Illustrations are not returnable.

·          The organizer cannot accept any change after entry.

·          The organizer cannot answer about process of selection.

·          Please refrain from the double contribution to other competitions.

·          Please refrain from publishing and posting the illustrations to website without permission of the organizer.

·          Both organizer and cooperating group do not take responsibility for the lost or damage in transportation.

·          All copyrights and rights to use of the illustrations belong to the organizer.

·          The illustrations may be use free of charge by the organizer for the publicity, products package and publication of the organizer.

·          The illustrations should not infringe any valid right of any third party.

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